Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My first entry on my first film!

Welcome, sports fans, to the first entry of this little production diary. I'm intimidated on a couple of fronts here: one being that this is the first time that I'll be attempting to make a substantial, high production value, documentary project that isn't about my friends or my immediate surroundings; and two is that I'm not really the public journal-ing type. So, we'll see how far this gets anyone…

Relevant information:

1. I'm interested in the Mt Washington Road Race (MWRR). It boggles my little flat, 5k brain that people actually want to run up a mountain. Why do they do it?! Who came up with this idea? How did it stick?? (This is the 50th year anniversary of continuous official races). I plan to trace this history of the event as it intersects with the story of New Hampshire, the White Mountains, tourism, running and the extreme sport of mountain running.

2. The MWRR is June 19th this year! Get ready! If you want to run it, there's a lottery to get in, because the mountain's auto road can only accommodate 1,000 folks and more than 1,000 want to run. The madness!! The lottery closes March 15. Good luck.

3. When I say "production value" I'm especially referring to the quality of picture and sound. Have you ever been to the White Mountains? It's so beautiful!! Nothing but the human eye can fully capture this Live Free Or Die landscape, I'm sure, but I'll do my best to try… that said, I can no longer be using my 2001 Canon ZR25 camcorder (Thanks, though, Mom & Dad-- it served me well on many other occasion! back when HD meant…well I don't know if it meant anything ten years ago). I need to secure a quality camera. I don't know much about camera hardware. So, if you do, or if you know someone who does. I'm open to advisors!!

4. I've been researching this topic for a while now. I believe I am in what we in the biz will call "pre-production." I'm drawing up a production schedule and reaching out to those I'd like to interview, who can tell the story of this race and this mountain. If you'd like to be involved, I welcome you! please contact me: kitchentabledocs [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks for tuning in. Hope to be witty and insightful on the next installment!

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