Monday, May 24, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure!

When I was in elementary school I got into Choose Your Own Adventure books. They were often about fantastical journeys and you, the reader, got to pick where the story would turn. I often thought of it as game-- how can you have the longest (and therefore, best) story possible? It wasn't long before I started cheating by merely jumping around to the different pages, not reading it until I was sure this was a "winner". Suffice to say I lost interest in the series shortly thereafter. I didn't cherish the stories for what they were. I had become too obsessed with the mechanics.

I'm still wrapped up in mechanics, though recognizing this fault I'm trying to step back and enjoy the story. So when interviewing Mt Washington Road Race's self-proclaimed historian, I was nervous about getting the best most truthful voice to come across. I spent quite a bit of time with notes prior to the shoot, trying to order questions and play out how the interview might go in my head. I think this work paid off. We were able to break the ice and get to the essential topics at hand. Of course, it was the off hand comment here and there that took this filmmaker into a world no pen and paper could adequately predict. 

So, here's to not only finding the story, but enjoying it along the way.

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