Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Special Guest Contributor!

Guest writer: Bowser

Today my dear God Mother picked me up for the afternoon and we hung out. In the mid-day sun we walked all the way from my house to hers. Along the way I conducted plenty of business, letting the West Broadway pups know I had been in their town. Lucky for them, they didn't run into me on the way.

We got to my God Mother's apartment and I had forgotten exactly how many flights of stairs it took to get to her place! (This is where I first learned how to go up stairs.) Whew, three flights up and we entered the apartment with the never-ending hallway. Running! Beautiful cross breeze! While she made lunch, I took a nap on the couch in front of the fan. I was so good that she gave me a treat! She is my favorite. Obviously.

After lunch we walked back to my house. We took the long way. It was so hot! I don't know how I manage to wear a fur coat through the summer, but I guess I'm just pretty tough.

Anyway, we had many a good conversation and I'm pumped about how her project on Mt Washington is going. She's had two really great interviews and is headed out to Northampton tomorrow to see the PR/Elite Athlete Liaison for the Race. Should be a fun adventure and yet another learning opportunity...

Speaking of learning opportunities, I'll leave you with this short little film experiment my God Mother made. As you can see, someone is Up And Coming (me, obviously).

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