Friday, July 30, 2010

And now for something else entirely

This is what happens when I begin to suffer from creative block with the task at hand. Much like in college, with two term papers hanging over my head and a stack of history books to read, I would re-organize the junk drawer or sit in Barnes & Noble reading middle school beach books. So, now, my latest work of procrastination:

My running route usually includes a jog around the Sugar Bowl/Pleasure Bay out by Castle Island. Never know what you're gonna get out there wind-wise. Sometimes it's awful. But nearly every time it is worth it because of the sweeping views of the Boston Harbor, cleaned up shorelines or downtown sky scrapers settled against the setting sun. The other day, I swear there were 100 mph headwinds. Sad for my legs but happy for the Kite Boarding contingent of Greater Boston. I counted out a baker's dozen or so and after the run, I came back with a camera.

The funny thing is, I don't feel burnt out on the real project (yet) and still really love the idea of a foot race up the tallest peak in New England. Something's missing, though. Just making silly kiteboarding videos to loosen up the creative juices again.

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