Monday, July 19, 2010

Big(ger) Budget Productions

Today in the life of your promising young documenter began at 6AM over at a local brewery, on location for the first shoot for a new television pilot on HISTORY (Channel, The). This was my second experience in the last week being a handler or chaperone for filmmakers at the brewery.

The first was a long(er than expected) Friday night of pouring draft beer straight from the tap room. Close ups of delicious beer bubbling to the brim of signature glassware over and over and over again. Famous. Using a modest three-light system, a boss tripod with a slide dolly and that new-everybody's-talking-about Canon 7D, a real movie like quality was achieved, if I do say so myself. Great ambiance lent by neon brewery sign in background. On the whole we were shooting about 30-60 second clips. Evidently, this revolutionary game changer is not a suitable documentary camera-- it can only record for a limited amount of time before totally overheating and/or filling its memory card. Cool for incognito, spy video but not for the long haul of a 24/7 shadow. I'll stick with the modest little Canon HV20 set up I've got going. It's small, compact, shoots in HD and didn't break my independent bank/life's savings.

Now, today was a reality show shoot. Everybody wants a piece of real life now a days, not just the ever faithful doc geek. Got to chat with a variety of folks on set from Exec Producers to Location Managers to Production Assistants. Even got to stand in and do some blocking (famous)! Really cool guys (and one girl! shout outs!) crafting an entertaining story around pretty interesting premise. Looking forward to the premiere of this, friends.

Now, I've really got to get back to my own project. Ahh, the clip in/outs resume...

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