Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today's edits

I've been hanging out with John Kelley a lot lately. 
Well, not exactly, I haven't been back down to Mystic. But I am going through the John Kelley reel organizing the footage into thematic clips. Basically, when I talk to you and say "yep, doing some editing" I'm talking about organization. This is secretly (or not so secretly) one of my favorite parts of the process. It's also where the documentarianist (?) can uncover themes between all the different people interviewed. I've got about 20 hours of interview at this point, plus the non-interview footage. So, I've got my work cut out for me. But you know you've hit a nerve when things start overlapping thereby creating a little nest where soon the doc will hatch! yes! I did just compare my film to a bird! (A cool one though... not a seagull...sorry PJ)

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