Thursday, August 19, 2010

Small Sabbatical

Dear Loyal Readers,

Please excuse my lack of posting and otherwise entire internet absence over the past few weeks. I have been adventuring without wi-fi (and it has been blissful). Two weekends ago a couple friends and I decided to climb Mt Washington ourselves. Another friend of ours has a cabin near Franconia, on the western side of the mountain, so we took the Ammonoosuc trail as opposed to the (more?) famous Tuckerman's on the eastern face. Ammonoosuc was awesome though, it follows a river ravine most of the hike which makes for some pretty awesome views, even before treeline. Once above treeline I caught sight of "one of those signs" that John Kelley had mentioned: the ones that tell you to just plain turn around if there's bad weather. Pretty intense. But here I was, my third time on the mountain and very favorable conditions-- sunny and probably sixty degrees. Clouds stacked up around the mountain when we arrived at the summit so there was no hope of that elusive Atlantic Ocean view. Maybe next time.

This past weekend I travelled to my homeland in the mitten of Michigan. A dear childhood friend got married (shout outs Tricia and Hayden!) and then my family had agreed to brave the wilderness with me in the Upper Peninsula. We went for a camp up in the Straits of Macinac. The water up there, in Lake Michigan and Huron, is absolutely gorgeous. And it was game for a swim, to boot (minus the fact that we were experiencing tent-blowing-over winds most of the time). From there we journeyed even farther north (!) up to Lake Superior and the Shipwreck Museum. There was to be no swimming in Superior this day: cold, windy and rainy (that near looked like snow) and the lake took on a stormy ocean-like appearance. Driving up M123 through the Hiawatha National Forest and Tahquamenon Falls State Park, you realize: wow, I am in the middle of nowhere. And then you meet the Yooper accent. Certainly a slice of Americana up there.

Anyway, now I'm back down in the LP (we don't ever call it that, do we?) swimming in Holland and running on long straight roads in silence and without passing another runner, ever. WEIRD. As far as progress on the film goes: things are flowing pretty nicely. I'm currently plopping down sound bites to tell the story of the race and am trying to figure out how to upload a VHS tape (?!) onto the laptop without a proper deck. That's me though, a big believer in work-arounds. We'll see if I can't pull it off. The Auto Road lent me a really awesome historical tape. Lots of '57 chevys and even a clip of the 1961 or '62 road race. COOL.

So, now, thanks for reading and you take care!
Ammonoosuc trailhead

Just above treeline on Mt Washington

Tricia and Hayden make people happy
The only photo I took, crossing the Macinac Bridge. Typical.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Rockpile

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bullet point, sub header, asterisk, repeat

I've been saying that I feel like I have the filmmaker's equivalent of writer's block lately. Well, it turned out to be just the writer's kind of writer's block. Writing down (read: committing to paper) an outline has been wildly difficult for me to do for...the past three months. Even a draft. But this morning, the pen felt right resting in my hand. Finally ink on paper.


I guess it took me remembering those old college term papers last week. Similar situation: always way too overwhelming to deal with until I could finally get an outline hammered out. I know, seems like the most simple and obvious of all things... I like to take my own sweet time finding a revelation like that. Even if it drives me crazy en route.

Game (back) on.