Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The anatomy of a new trailer

I took the old trailer and made the sound a little better. Then I started thinking specifically about sound and music. I really like the original bit because it gives the whole thing a kind of erie feel. As if running up Mt Washington is scary. Maybe it is... But then I started thinking, huh, how much does music play a part in whatever you happen to be watching? Have you ever muted your TV during a movie (sports don't count-- we've all wanted to tune Dick Vitale out at some point in our lives..)? Music totally sets the tone. It can make something scary, cheesy, poignant, suspenseful, and on and on.

So, back to the rockpile: After tweaking the sound on the original a bit, I thought I'd try out some new tunes, just to take the same video over and over again and change the mood by music. Things spun out of control from that little experiment adding more changes here and there and finally ended here:

Not too totally different from the original, still the same concept. But how does it make you feel??* 

In case you missed it, the original:

Finally, the music used in both of these is not my own. Some of you may have recognized it, or perhaps not, but the bottom line is that most likely, with my little pocket sized budget, I will not be able to afford the rights to include these songs in the film itself. That's why I'm planning on getting the film scored, once it has been edited, by a real live composer: Paulo. More on that later.

*important question borrowed from my high school days in Mrs. Maupin's history class.