Friday, March 25, 2011


Dusty shelves?
Antiquated media formats?
Creepy silence because you're in the bowels of the basement of a library that no one visits anyway?
Sign me up! Very Indiana Jones, no?

OK, things aren't getting that extreme in my chase for archival photos and newsreels regarding the Mt Washington Road Race... In fact, I'm just getting to chat with some really nice folks on the phone and coming up with treasure troves of information. Stay tuned, I've got visuals...more tonight.

Saturday Update (visuals)

postcard courtesy of the Mt. Washington Auto Road
Check out that incline!! Check out how many people they loaded on that carriage! Geesh!

photo courtesy of the Mt. Washington Auto Road
Going up, anyone? See this adventurer, he'll take care of you!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Other hills

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy Evacuation Day!

Here in Boston, we celebrate both...sort of. Everyone's running around in green themed attire, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, and reveling in boiled dinners (mmm!). Public offices observe March 17 by taking the day off from work. School's out. It's a grand day. The reason? We don't revere March 17 just because our basketball team is the Celtics and we're soooo Irish centric out here. It's actually a day of remembrance for the great day in American history when General George Washington loosened the lobsterback stranglehold on Boston and repelled the British from the city in 1776.

The colonists rebel uprising managed to show some impressive toughness in the previous June across the channel at Bunker Hill. (We celebrate June 17). Evacuation Day celebrates feats from atop Dorchester Heights. This is the tallest point in the surrounding Boston area, currently located in the South Boston neighborhood.

Coincidence that this area is also traditionally heavily Irish and therefore bangs out a MASSIVE party complete with road race and parade? Hmmm

But back in the 1770s, no one was really settled out here. Just a thin strip of land, unconnected directly to the Boston of Old North Church etc. But when surveying the area, Washington and his advisers recognized the Heights as a strategic gem. So the plan? Fortify the hill with the newly acquired cannons (which had been ransacked from British Fort Ticonderoga in upstate New York). After a long 183 (ish) mile haul through the snowy Berkshires that winter, one would think the good General Washington might give Colonel Knox a break. But no, Washington ordered Knox to push past "the wall" and finish the climb: perch those cannons on the top of Dorchester Heights. And so they did.

So I call to you my loyal readers/runners: push past the wall. Reach the lower parking lot, reach the upper parking lot, stare down that obscene climb to the tip top house and drag your guns to the top of our beloved other hill: Mt Washington.


Friday, March 11, 2011


So...Southie doesn't have the most conducive, what I call, "idea coffee shops" (wait, do I really call them that??). You know, the kind that have wonderful seating and wonderful coffee, subtle background music (it's usually indie), nooks with books and magazines, warm lighting, a bottomless cup of coffee… the place you'd want to play scrabble at all evening. And I mean evening-- 7p-12a. High school hours. The kinds of places that either wonderful ideas are being tossed around between intelligent community citizens or also, we'll allow, for tweeners to gather and gossip about boys or a teacher or a test-- and not be out at on a scary pier in the middle of the dark. Anyway, I've digressed a bit. The point is, I wish Southie had such a place. It's where I've always done my best work. And I'm craving a cup of dark roasted coffee, especially when all Southie seems to make is light brown sugar water (with 32 flavors!).


Alas, that is how I've been spending my time: weak coffee, but wildly productive on the film front. Thank goodness for morning work ethics. And thank you for reading my small diatribe on South Boston Coffee.

PS- American Provisions on E Broadway & I will brew you a cup of amazing coffee, only trouble is they've only got folding chairs and it's sill 40 degrees outside. :( soon enough!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Busy week

more later...

update: Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Mt. Washington Road Race open lottery has been accepting applications since March 1! CLICK HERE! The lottery closes March 15 and the drawing is the 16th. Get Pumped!

Sorry to have missed my Friday morning post last week. I was away from a computer for most of the last six days-- so no blog posts and no movie editing. Six days doesn't sound like much, but I have a feeling a lot of progress could be made in the next six days.