Monday, April 22, 2013

Thank You

Some of you know of my predilection for high-fives, particularly while on solo runs. Tuesday back in Ann Arbor, all 14 folks that I raised my hand to slapped back in solidarity. All 12 did today. Thank you.

Flag at half-mast on Saturday April 20, 2013 on the Diag at UMich

This has been a frustrating, confusing, anger-filled, yet empowering week for the running community (and I do mean both runners & spectators). Patriot's Day (AKA Marathon Monday) is one of my favorite days, if you couldn't tell from the previous post... And like many who were along the Boston course that day, in person or via broadcast, the cowardly acts that physically hurt many also emotionally hurt us. For a day, a sport and a race that celebrates the community and perseverance of the human spirit, this attack felt personal to so many. Crestfallen.

Above: 2nd to last turn in the Marathon at Comm Ave & Hereford 2:13pm
Below: runners halted before the Mass Ave overpass 2:59pm

Yet the resolve of the Boston community, the running community, and citizens believing in the freedom of the human spirit is stronger. I don't want to belabor the point... We know what we are. We know what we do. We show up, push through the wall and we pound the pavement. We will not back down. We will be back next year and next week and tomorrow: logging the miles and cheering the human will to go further.

The Boston Running Film Festival highlighted this attitude in so many ways. I was honored to share the screen with some really great stories and storytellers, and regular people, making things happen. Thank you to all who came out to show RTR some love (some for the nth time!) You are great!

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