Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Announcing World Television Broadcast Premiere!

Alright New Englanders! What a treat it is to announce the world television broadcast premiere of Running the Rockpile airing on New Hampshire Public TV (NHPTV) Saturday August 17, 2013.

NHPTV schedule

Running the Rockpile is a short documentary tracing the history of a footrace up the tallest peak in New England-- Mount Washington. This 7.6 mile race is not unique simply because of the challenge ("It's not just uphill, every step is uphill" says race promoter John Stifler in the opening sequence of the 22-minute film). The race is unique precisely because it is common-- a footrace. So what if it is the tallest peak in New England (6,288 feet, with an average grade of 11% and over 2,000 feet elevation gain) and entirely uphill? So what if Mount Washington has a reputation for the world's worst weather (wind gusts of 231 mph recorded at the summit). So what if entry is now by lottery only because there's only so much space on the mountain and well over 1000 runners bid to chase the clouds every year? As we uncover the origins, trials, and outcomes of this 50+ year race, we find that it's not just a bunch of crazies running up a hill. It's an homage to the human spirit of creating, doing, accomplishing and not resting on past laurels. It's the story of people making things happen. It starts with us, people! People make things happen.

It's been a few years since RTR's premiere at the base of Mount Washington on the eve of the 51st running of this historic race and the kitchentabledocs team is excited to be able to share this story again with the community that inspired it. Lace up your sneakers, New Englanders, it's time to trek up a mountain.

*If you are not in the NHPTV viewing area, fear not! Running the Rockpile will also be available for streaming via the internet at after broadcast.

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